Golden retriever standing on flip flops

Baby Girl

September 7, 2022 – Sweet Baby Girl has been adopted! Her new Mom says it all… “I had to say good-bye to my sweet (AGB Alum) Ritz earlier this year, so I was asked to foster a sweet, older girl just for a couple of weeks, because I didn’t think I was ready for another fur baby yet. So, I picked up Baby Girl and brought her home with me. As soon as she got here she was so very comfortable! She is so very spunky for 12 years old, we play everyday. She is the most loving girl. She always has to give me big hugs! We quickly got in a routine. I was so worried about leaving her home while I work, but she is just as happy as she can be! She loves to look out the front windows. She even has one lady that slows down and waves to her. With all this being said, I just couldn’t bear to be without her. She is my buddy and my protector. She runs from the back of the yard if I sneeze to make sure I’m ok! So yes, I’m a Foster Fail and so very proud to be Baby Girl’s Fur Momma! Thank you to Adopt A Golden for their patience with me and allowing me to be Baby Girl’s forever fur momma.” Finding Baby Girl’s perfect match took some time, patience and a lot of work from many of our AGB team. Thanks to everyone who helped her along her path to happily ever after.

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