February 4, 2024 – Early in January, Adopt A Golden Birmingham received notification of a momma dog that had been found in a cemetery with 5 puppies. We were able to bring her and her puppies in and they have all found their forever homes. Belle was kind of special because she was the only black pup in the litter. She got picked right away for adoption and her mom writes the following: 

“It has been 12 years since we lost our Golden, Hannah, just shy of her 16th birthday. We waited for the “right” time to find a new dog and in the meantime, we moved to the Appalachian Mountains and started collecting cats…really. Well, after getting connected with Adopt a Golden Birmingham, we found room in our hearts and home for Lila. (She came to us as Belle, but we already had a Bella.) Her foster parents were terrific and you can tell by her amazing behavior they worked with her quite a bit. She is a fast learner and so loving. Lila, which means Little Alabama, runs and plays on the mountain. This sweet little wonder has inherited Hannah’s leash so we remind her she has some big paws to fill! She has won over Bella, although the gang of five upstairs, are remaining at a distance. Since coming to us we took on yet another kitty, Jerry (#7), Lila loves him.

We would tell anyone who is looking for a furever friend to go through AGB! Beth and the foster family were wonderful and there throughout the whole process. About those big paws…we will keep you updated on Lila as we just submitted her DNA, but as far as filling Hannah’s paws- success!! She is already in our family and in our hearts!”

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