Big Red

March 7, 2024 – Big Red was not with us for very long before his new dad and his parents saw him on our website and drove to Birmingham (4 hours) just to meet him! Red needed heartworm treatment, lots of TLC, and some good food to prepare him for his forever home in South Alabama. Once that guy was healthy enough to head to his new home, he was in the car waiting.  

His new dad shared the following about his new buddy: “When I first met Red, now Raph, he looked at me and I knew he was the one. He had a rough time before the AGB found him. He has some scars on his nose and a few insecurities but I too have some scars and some insecurities. Raph is very low-key and easygoing. He doesn’t jump on you or bark. He just wants to be loved. All of these qualities are great because I am in a wheelchair and have hyperactive reflexes which makes me startle easily. Each day he is here with us, I can see he is the perfect dog…for me. We love him so much already. Raph has found his furever home and we have found our furever friend.”

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