Bonnie & Clyde

September 26, 2023 – After grieving the loss of a beloved dog, this couple decided it was time to look for a new addition to the family. They wanted to find a loving dog with a unique personality. When they met Bonnie and Clyde, it was clear that they belonged together. They say Bonnie has gone from being shy and skittish to a zoomie-loving maniac who follows them around the house. Clyde is more laid back, until there is a ball involved. He loves to play fetch but is just as happy prancing around with his ball. Although they haven’t quite given up their life of crime (Clyde will steal anything in reach, and potty training is a work-in-progress), Bonnie and Clyde have already brought them so much joy. They extend thanks to their volunteer coordinator, Beth, and to Bonnie and Clyde’s foster parents Pauline and Bruce for opening their home to these adorable renegades.

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