October 9, 2023 – When Broose arrived at Adopt A Golden with his 3 brothers, after being saved from a date with death, this boy was so frightened and timid.  He didn’t know how to walk on a leash, play with toys, potty outside, or enjoy being petted.  After some time in foster care, this boy evolved into the most fun, happy, joyful, smart little guy his foster had ever encountered.  She knew he was ready for his forever home.  

When his new dad contacted AGB, he told the story of he and his wife recently losing their beloved 15-year-old dog, Kona. Their hearts were broken, but because of the great love they had experienced with Kona, they knew their hearts were big enough for another pup. They weren’t going to replace Kona, but they wanted to continue the love and care another dog needed and to fill the hole in their hearts, Kona had left, just a little bit at a time.  

The first time his new dad met Broose, the connection between them was immediate. It took only a few days for his new mom and dad to know that Broose was home.  He came into their house and claimed them as his own.  He is living the perfect life surrounded by love and toys! Bravo Adopt A Golden and bravo to Broose’s adopters for giving

this sweet boy a chance at the best life!

And thanks to the entire AGB community for making this adoption happen! 

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