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December 14, 2021 – Sweet Bruce hit the jackpot with his new life in Mississippi. After hearing that senior Bruce needed a home, his new mom and a friend drove five hours in a custom van so that Bruce could meet his black lab brother and have a comfortable ride home. It seems that Bruce never missed a beat. His mom says he loves his new brother, meeting people, and being brushed. He even rolls over to have his tummy brushed. What a lucky boy!

Original Adoption Post

Hello, my name is Bruce. I’m a 10 year boy who has been through some sad times and I was looking for someone to take me in and give me all the love and care I deserve. My owner became very sick and had to go to a care facility. I was not allowed to go there, so suddenly I found myself without a home and the person who loved me most. It has been very confusing for me. Luckily, the kind folks at AGB have took me in and have already found a new family for me! I love other animals and all humans and I am a sweet boy. I appreciate everyone who supports AGB for making “happily ever afters” possible for so many of us orphans that need a little extra help in this world. Thanks to you, I will soon be forever home!

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