When the 12 “Master’s” puppies arrived at Adopt A Golden Birmingham,  we knew their absolute cuteness would get them adopted quickly. In one weekend we were able to get these puppies home thanks to amazing fosters that stepped in, a medical team that got them vetted right away, and the Adoption Team working hard to find the right applicants that have the time and patience to take care of a young puppy.  

One of these puppies was Bubba, renamed Gatsby by his new mom and dad.  They first saw him in a photo and were pretty sure he was the one. They drove from Mississippi to meet him and some of the other boys, but they knew Bubba was the one. He impressed them the first night by sleeping through the night and having no accidents in the house. He has become a solid, much-loved member of their family.  His mom reports “he is the most calm, gentle puppy. We always get comments on how great a puppy he is. He loves playing tug of war and going on morning runs. He has been the perfect addition to our family and is even going to be in our wedding next year! The first thing everyone says about Gatsby when they meet him is that they love the ridge on his nose. It is a special feature for the most special pup!” 

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