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August. 17, 2021 – Twelve year old Buddy came to AGB from a shelter and was lucky enough to be fostered by an adorable young couple who instantly fell in love with him. His new mom wrote the sweet words below. “Buddy is truly the most amazing dog our family could’ve ever asked for! He is a fun loving, easy-going, and a well mannered boy. After a long day at work coming home to Buddy makes our day so much better! We can always count on him to be silly and energetic, not showing his age at all. A huge bonus was the way Buddy interacted with our rescue cat. She is very nervous around all animals and most humans due to her past but he has a special spirit that makes her feel comfortable around him. It’s hard to fit into one paragraph how much joy Buddy brings to our family. Our goal in adopting Buddy is to fill his last few years with love, fun, and stability. Buddy truly makes our house a home and we wouldn’t be a complete family without him. Our family is beyond grateful that we’re able to call Buddy ours and we look forward to making more memories together!”

Original Adoption Post

Hello, Buddy here. I come from a long line of “Buddies” evidently because I’m Buddy #11 here at the rescue. Well, my name might be common, but I am a uniquely handsome gentleman! I am calm and sweet and about 12 years old. Somehow, I ended up as a stray at a shelter. I don’t mind telling you, I did not like that experience. The shelter folks were nice and all, but I am clearly meant to be loved and spoiled by a family of my own. I am housebroken and will bark to tell you when I am ready to come back in. I love my squeaky ball. I will help you by carrying my leash in my mouth when we go to the car. Speaking of cars, I love to ride and usually call dibs on the front seat. I love snacks and things like vanilla wafers and Honey Nut Cheerios. I prefer to take my medicine with a slice of cheese or a Vienna sausage, but since I weigh 90 lbs. and need to lose a few pounds, the snacks are kind of limited these days! I am heartworm negative thank goodness, but came in with ear infections, fleas, some hair loss, and very itchy skin. I also limp some, so the good doctors here are giving me all the care, treatment, and medicine I need to help me feel better. All in all, I think I am in pretty good shape for a fella my age and of course, I am young at heart! So, if you are looking for a sweet, friendly, loving all around great guy to become your very best friend, your search is over! I am here and I’m ready to be your best Buddy.

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