Older man with two golden retriever mixes on leashes


March 23, 2022 – Bonnie and Buddy are siblings and they were very happy until a member of their family passed away. So much happened after that and their family asked the nice people at Adopt a Golden Birmingham if they could help. They agreed, even though Bonnie and Buddy are not full Goldens. They stayed together which was so important to them and went to a couple of very nice foster homes for a while. And then a couple from Louisiana asked to meet the pups. These folks had decided that they wanted a middle aged dog which is great because Bonnie & Buddy are 7 years old. And while they were not looking for two dogs, they decided that two would be twice as nice. Lots of AGB folks helped get Bonnie and Buddy get to their new home and they are so happy. Buddy has become very attached to the lady of the family and Bonnie sort of sticks with the gentleman, so it evens out. Bonnie and Buddy are glad to be loved and cared for and most of all to still be together! Thank you Powell and Suzanne for your long foster of these two sweet kiddos, and to Cheryl for transporting them halfway to Louisiana!

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PACKAGE DEAL, TWO FOR ONE ADOPTION FEE. Hi friends! I’m Buddy, an 80 lb, 7-year-old boy. My owner had to move to an apartment and couldn’t take me and my sister Bonnie with him, which left us homeless. We ended up boarded at a veterinarian’s office for a while, but they knew we needed a family to take us both in together because we can’t stand to be apart. After contacting just about every shelter and rescue around, AGB agreed to take us in and make us “honorary Goldens”, because as you can see, we’re not really retrievers. But we needed someone to step up for us and agree to find us a forever family and that is just what AGB has agreed to do. We are both very sweet and we like other pets. We are calm and cuddly and enjoy walks, petting and just spending time with people. We will promise to be your very best friends forever. We want to be forever home very soon, so just contact AGB to set up a meeting with us. I promise you won’t regret it. Your friend, Buddy

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