Two golden retrievers laying on the floor


January 3, 2020 – You know the story of new orphans that are young, purebred Golden Retrievers – in they come and out they go! Eleven month old CJ, now DJ, came in with Goldendoodle Jax, and didn’t get announced because we had Oak/Denver’s fantastic family waiting for a dog just like him. Dad was wowed immediately, son Cam said “I want to take him home,” and Mom was ready to take on the challenge of two young dogs at once. She says “He’s relaxed quite a bit. He’s still very much a puppy but wears most of his energy out with Denver. Denver has taken him under his wing and is completely the boss. They’ve meshed quite well together and play beautifully. Cam adores DJ, and likewise. We’ve still got some behavior to work on but have already mastered sit and lay down, the big thing now is the jumping. The cats are just as grouchy as they were before.” We expect to hear great news of improvement as soon as he matures a bit and learns four-feet-on-the-floor rules. Good luck DJ and Denver, have fun playing! DJ is in the back.

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