April 23, 2024 – Colby came to AGB from Virginia where he had never been part of a family. He is now living a life he never knew existed with the most loving family. When we asked his new mom to tell us about him she said, “Where to begin? We said goodbye to our beloved Dozer after 14 years. The house was deafening with the silence of his absence. I was applying to rescues thinking the process might take a few months as it had with Dozer, but no. The dog we inquired about was adopted, we were asked if we were willing to meet Chesterton (aka Colby). From the moment he came bounding up to us — we knew. This was our dog. He is an absolute love and brought all the joy back into our home. He has never met a stranger, loves going on walks, and snuggling on the sofa with his people. Chester is our first golden and everything you hear about this breed is true. He is a gentle soul with a playful disposition. I can’t imagine not having his fluffy silliness around. Thank you for our newest family member.  We are going to spoil him rotten.”

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