Family of dad, mom, and two brothers with a golden retriever


July 31, 2021 – Creed, now Ramble (a/k/a Andy Dufrense),came to Adopt a Golden after being found roaming as a stray in Talladega County. He is a very affectionate boy who leads with big slobbery kisses for everyone and has no concept whatsoever of personal space. Whatever you’re doing he wants to do with you. Ramble loves his new home in Tennessee where he’ll spend time with his new family sitting in their laps, lying on his new bed, going for walks and playing in his yard. He’s a lucky boy!

Original Adoption Post

My name is Creed which mean “a faith”. I have so much faith that AGB is gonna get me a new family and a new home. Fingers crossed! My belief system is pretty simple – treats, two square meals, a ‘hooman’ to love who will tell me I’m a “good boy”, belly rubs or petting or both, a grassy patch to roll around in and no cats. Cats are horrible; don’t like them! I’m not crazy about crates and kennels either. I was picked up in Talladega as a stray and now I’m in Birmingham. I have been treated for heart worms, and I’m neutered and microchipped and vaccinated. I’m a year and a half year old adorable faced boy with a tiny tuft of white on my chest. I weigh about 50 pounds. Everybody keeps telling me I’m very sweet and affectionate which I like to hear. I like other dogs too. It’s been kind of tough being on my own cause I’m still pretty much a puppy. I can’t wait to be part of somebody’s pack! I’d sure be happy if you’d donate to my heart worm treatment fund.

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