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January 9, 2023 – Beautiful Cupar came to AGB when his loving owners became too ill to care for him. His new parents are former AGB adopters who had been waiting patiently for the right dog to come along. They are retired and have plenty of time to spend with Cupar, and the patience to help him feel less anxious. His dad says Cupar is settling in and that they are helping him lose a few pounds. Enjoy your happy life, sweet Cupar. Thank you to adopters who adopt again and again, and thank you, Theresa, for fostering and loving Cupar.

Original Adoption Post

Well, hello there friends! My name is Cupar, which you may pronounce like “Cooper’. No, it isn’t spelled wrong, I was actually named after a town in Scotland. I am 6 years old and I weigh 85 lbs. I get along with dogs and cats. I really like dogs who are smaller than me the most! I had a Cocker Spaniel sibling for several years and we were great friends as long as she didn’t mess with me while I was eating. My owners were very sad to have to give me up, but they have become very ill and are unable to care for me. They knew that AGB was the best place for me, as they are the experts at finding great families for good boys like me. I am a sweet family dog who is well behaved inside the house. I have never had to be crate trained, since I am so good. I know commands like sit, stay, off and down. I love to play and know how to fetch a ball, but I prefer to just play with it and not to bring it back. I would rather just keep it! I like to go for walks and do well on a harness. I like children, but sometimes I get excited around them, so I might be best suited for someone with older kids or who will work on helping me settle down around them. I am not a fan of baths, water or loud noises. I have been well loved my whole life and I am hoping to find a new family who will give me all the love and care I am used to. If you want to adopt a nice boy like me, submit an adoption application to AGB very soon.

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