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April 13, 2023 – Dodger, affectionately called Smiles by AGB volunteers because of his happy demeanor, didn’t have the easiest life prior to finding his new family. He was hit by a car which caused many health problems including tail paralysis, fecal and urine incontinence, and occasional urinary tract infections. While Smiles was beloved by his foster families, and generally anyone who made his acquaintance, he was not a dog that many people were interested in adopting because of his challenges. However, that was not the case with his new family. Smiles found his forever home with a kindred spirit that felt called to adopt him after reading his story shared through social media. Smiles’ new mom has been through her own health journey, including paralysis, and wasn’t scared by his diapers, medical care, or prognosis. She knew that even with his special needs, he deserved a chance to have a loving family and a great life. She writes that he is fitting in perfectly, “We are having a blast! He is such a sweet dog. I’m thoroughly enjoying him!!” Smiles joins a family with 2 human siblings, 1 golden dog sister, and a cat. He slept in the bed with his new sister on his first night home! Smiles, you win hearts everywhere you go, and AGB is so happy you found your people!

Original Adoption Post

My name is Dodger and I am a 2 year old golden boy. I had a rough start to my life. You see, I was hit by a car as a puppy and now I have some nerve damage in my spine and tail area. Because of this, I don’t have mobility in my tail and I have some bladder issues and need to wear a diaper. My owners abandoned me so I wandered into a nearby family’s yard. Luckily for me, they took me in and got me to AGB. I am a happy and handsome fella and I love all humans, including kids! I am also friendly with dogs and cats and I love to go on walks and play fetch. I am a sweetheart who just needs to find a forever family to love me and care for me. AGB’s doctors would like to try some medication on me to help with my mobility and potty issues, but it will require close monitoring for a while, so I really need an adopter who can be home more to keep an eye on me. If you would like to meet me, please submit an adoption application and let AGB know you want to meet Dodger. And if you can spare a few dollars to help with my medical bills, just click “more” to make a donation.

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