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February 27, 2020 – Many adoptions bring tears to our eyes and this one surely did! Three year old Emmett came to AGB after spending a year in a vet office recovering from two broken femurs that he suffered when he was hit by a car. He was so happy to be going home that he kept a paw in his new mom’s lap. She tells us that he is doing so well, even better than they expected. He loves his canine sister, is eating well, loves to be brushed and loves his toys. He also likes to sit outside in the mornings and listen to the birds and sniff the fresh air. His mom says that he is a good boy with good manners! Emmett does not have full use of his hind legs, but he is such an amazing dog he just uses them to kind of prop up on. Nonetheless, he goes to “play dates” with the neighborhood dogs and holds his own in wrestling! He is able to manage getting himself where he needs to go, and we are so grateful to this family for adopting him. What a handsome fella!

Original Adoption Post

My name is Emmett. I’m a 3 year old purebred Golden boy looking for a soft place to land. My life has been a bit of a car crash in the last year; literally a car ran over me last Spring and I feel lucky to be around. The trauma and injury to my back legs was severe and I’ve been mostly living at the vet’s since the accident having multiple surgeries to repair my legs and then the recovery period afterwards. The surgeries were halfway successful but I am still lame in my rear legs. I get around okay for potty purposes and such, but I can’t run and I’ll need assistance to go on walks. I get tired easily. Even though I can walk some, I can’t bear any weight on my back legs. My owners have had me since I was an 8 week old puppy and are devastated to let me go. They say I am amazing and an all around good family dog. But they know I need a home without steps, a grassy area to play in and enjoy, and someone that can stay at home with me a lot of the time. They wish me to have the best life I can have since I’m such a young boy. So they called AGB who had me evaluated at the Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham again to see if any future surgeries would make a further difference. I weigh 60 pounds and I’m heart worm negative and vaccinated. I will get neutered and microchipped soon but, quite frankly, I’d enjoy not getting another surgery right away. I am friendly to all; okay with cats, dogs (as long as they don’t jump on my back), people and strangers. Just a very handsome, hopeful, and easy going fellow looking for love and a home where I can rest easy with you. I promise to give back to you all the love and companionship you can stand. My name Emmett means “universal” or “entire” and I like to think I am the “entire” package even if my needs are a little special. xox, Emmett

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