March 3, 2024 – Faith came to AGB after being found by a rescuer in a cemetery. When the rescuer got her home she realized Faith had recently had puppies-she took her back to the cemetery so they could find the puppies. From such sad beginnings have come 6 stories with nothing but happy endings.  

All 5 puppies have found a forever home thanks to the team at AGB and Faith, after several serious medical issues were taken care of, has landed. Her new mom and dad took her thinking they were just going to have her for a few weeks while she healed from having the puppies and having heartworm treatment.  Little did they know that “temporary” would become permanent. They fell in love with Faith and she with them. All’s well that ends well and this one has ended the best! 

Her new mom says: “Faith came to us looking for a temporary place to rest and recover, and she came out on top with a furever home. We could not let her pass us by! A name too apropos to change, Faith also affectionately goes by Mama and Mama Dog around our house (after mothering 5 puppies while stray). We are dying to know her full story, but we take heart in knowing it shaped her into the sweet, spunky, resilient gal she is today! Faith loves belly rubs in the sunshine, food, toys involving food, and laying in her bed. She just wants to show love to everyone she meets. We love her so much! “

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