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October 1, 2022 – Ginger hit the jackpot when she was adopted by former adopters from Georgia. They have lovingly cared for her during her heartworm treatment just as they did their beloved AGB alum Charlie. Her mom tells us she quickly became their love bug lap dog who enjoys daily walks and made friends with their cat quickly. Ginger loves car rides and the homemade food Mom makes her. She has the sweetest personality ever and loves everyone. Even though Ginger is 10, they say she doesn’t know it. She’s still just a pup at heart. Enjoy being spoiled sweet Ginger!

Original Adoption Post

Hello, I’m Ginger, a 10 year old, 33 lb golden lady. Recently, my owner passed away and I was fortunate to have a kind person keep me for a few months while they looked for a permanent home for me. They could not find one, so they turned to AGB, the Golden experts, for help. I had heartworms, but now I have finished my treatment and I feel much better. I am sweet and gentle, and I get along with all pets and humans. At 10 years old, I am still very active and I love to go for walks and to run and play in the back yard. My one “pet peeve” (see what I did there?) is I don’t like going to the groomer and I don’t like folks messing with my feet! It makes me very nervous, so hopefully my new family will be able to bathe me and keep my fur neat on their own. All that brushing and clipping will just make us closer! I look forward to the next part of my journey and am so grateful to my friends at AGB for taking care of me and helping me have my happily ever after.

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