January 15, 2024 – Her new mom shared the following:

“After my 14-year-old four-legged daughter, Mimi crossed the bridge, we have a missing piece in my family. My 13-year-old son has been grieving over her passing for 7 months and tears up every time thinking about her.  Although my 9-year-old son has Cubby as his best friend, he’s very sad too. I went to a couple of AGB events and had multiple conversations with Robin and Cam about adopting another dog from AGB (preferably a female dog). Then, Coco came along. 

Coco is doing phenomenal at her age(11 weeks) as she already sleeps through the entire night and only does potty outside.  She is also a genius because she already learned Potty, Sit, Down, Stay, Paw (handshake), and High-Five (with both paws). Coco is ferocious and fearless when playing with Cubby. We also call her ‘Le Chonk’ because she is very puffy and chunky.  She brings smiles and laughter back to my boys and me.  We still miss our other girl but we are grateful to have Coco.

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