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Goldie Mae

October 29, 2022 – Goldie Mae is now Maggie and her new parents are showering her with the love and affection she so desperately needed. Her mom says, “We welcomed Maggie Mae (formerly Goldie Mae) into our home at the end of September as foster parents to potentially adopt her. From the moment we saw Maggie and as she met us, it was like she had known us all of her short life! She took immediately to my husband, and we jokingly call her Shadow as she is at his heels every moment of the day that she can be with him. She is learning commands very quickly, loves our grandchildren, and seems to really enjoy other dogs as well. We’re still working on her approach to our two cats (who were used to our senior Golden who passed last year) as she is a bundle of energy and thinks they are something else to play with. I think with time, that part will all work out. Our large, fenced yard and inground pool are paradise for her! She loves jumping in the shallow end and fortunately wants nothing of the deep end of the pool! Our love for all our rescue Goldens over the last 28 years made this an easy decision to adopt Maggie. We appreciate Adopt a Golden/Birmingham and their caring volunteers who have stayed in contact with us during the foster period and have been the recipients of our many videos and pictures we have sent them of her. Thank you for making this adoption a joy for us and for Maggie. We look forward to seeing you find loving, lifelong homes for other rescues in need! Bless you for all your hard work!”

Original Adoption Post

I am an 8 month old, 40 lb Golden girl named Goldie Mae. I came to rescue because my family didn’t have enough time to spend with me or a secure place for me to play without having to be tied out. I long to be a family dog who gets to spend time inside being loved on and played with. I am a sweet little girl who loves, dogs, kids and all people. I have admired cats from outside a window, but I never got to really play with them so I don’t know for sure how we would get along. I like to run and play, swim, and go for car rides. I am good natured and playful. If you have time to spare to play with me and teach me how to be a great house dog, I promise to be your very best friend forever. What do you say? Want to meet?

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