April 3, 2024 – Gouda was the first of the 5 dogs that AGB brought in from a breeding facility in Virginia. He has lived his entire life in very difficult circumstances but is now set for a fun and free life with his new family. 

His new mom says “We brought Gouda (now Flynn) home to ‘foster’ (knowing we might want to adopt him!) on a Monday night; he was super unsure and shy. By Tuesday morning he was asking for pets and smiling and we signed his adoption papers Tuesday night. I have been amazed by how quickly he’s settled in and how much everyone else seems to like him. Aurora typically tolerates other dogs, but they love to explore the yard together which has been so good for her! Fitz has loved having a brother to play with. And the cats, well, they’re cats and don’t super care. We’re so happy to be able to give Flynn all of the pets, toys, love, and siblings to play with!”

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