Couple sitting on stairs with a black golden doodle in front of them


September 6, 2022 – Hazel has a wonderful new mom and dad and two human siblings! They’d been waiting for the perfect dog to join their family and she stole their hearts and brings joy each day! Hazel has enrolled in puppy school where she’s learning her manners and how to be the best dog there is. That won’t be hard for this black beauty! Thank you Shannon for fostering this girl.

Original Adoption Post

Hello, hello! Hazel here! I’m a 1-year-old, 40 lb, black beauty of a Golden Doodle. My family contacted AGB to find a new home for me as they didn’t have the time to devote to me that I need. I am a great family dog, and I am house trained and crate trained. I love to run and play and go for walks. And as you can tell by my picture, I like sticks! I am a vocal girl who likes to bark at everyone I meet. Don’t worry though, I am friendly. That’s just my way of saying hi! My AGB friends are treating me great and they think they have found the perfect home for me, so I probably won’t be here long. Paws crossed that everything works out and soon you’ll be reading my adoption announcement!

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