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September 6, 2022 – Sweet little Hondo has quite the redemption story! After being rescued with his siblings and dog dad by one of our volunteers, Hondo made his way to Birmingham for his second chance at life. Besides his overall neglected condition, our doctors found a heart murmur and sent him to the specialist for an evaluation. We’re happy to report that his condition is moderate and can be maintained with medication. His name is now Dodger and he has two doting parents and a golden sister at home (Hondo is on the right in this photo). While he was skittish at first, he’s warmed up and feels right at home now. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped this little guy! We are so excited for his life ahead.

Original Adoption Post

Hi everybody, my name is Hondo. I am a 7 month old fella who had a very rough start in life. I was left neglected outside with several other dogs in an extremely bad environment with little to no care. Luckily, an AGB volunteer found out about one of the dogs and stepped in to help. When he saw me there and the deplorable state we were all in, he simply could not leave any of us behind. He knew we would likely not survive much longer. While the other dogs were quickly placed in families, I needed more help. AGB is committed to doing whatever is necessary to give me a happy, healthy life. I am a sweet natured boy, who loves being with other dogs. In fact, I am miserable when I am alone, so I would be best suited to live with at least one other dog. If you think you have room in your family for a cream colored cutie like me, I promise to love you forever and be your best friend. Just let AGB know you want to meet me and submit an adoption application on the website. I hope to get to meet you soon!

P.S. I am receiving love, attention, and medical care now, which I desperately need, but no doubt, my Vet bills will continue to rise. If you could make a donation of any amount to help AGB with my care, I would appreciate it. Love & licks…Hondo.

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