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January 21, 2022 – Eight month old Honey now Sadie is loving her new life with her new family and a large fenced yard. Her mom says, “her new name is Sadie because I call my husband Honey and it was not working. I would call the dog and he would answer!” Sadie and her four legged sister Ruby are learning a lot of from each other. Ruby was a TSA dog who never learned to play, so Sadie is teaching her to play and Ruby is teaching Sadie to be a well mannered dog. Enjoy your new life the country! Thank you Isabelle for fostering!

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Hi ya friends! I’m Honey! I’m an 8 month old Golden mix and I weigh 46 pounds. My family had to move to a place and couldn’t take me there, so they asked AGB to find a fantastic new home for me. I am a happy, healthy and sweet girl who makes friends wherever I go. I’m a friendly family dog who get along well with other dogs and humans. I haven’t been around cats, so I’m not sure how I would be with them. I am crate trained but was also used to running and playing on lots of acres. I am easy going, playful and excited to meet my forever family.

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