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June 14, 2021 – Sweet Senior Jethro came to AGB in January at age 10ish, and was immediately taken into foster. With all the good foster care and updates, he was seen by someone who was looking for a companion dog for her mother. After a few weeks to make sure he got along with the family dog, she says: “Jethro (now Gus) has been a wonderful addition to our family! He will be the perfect companion for my mother, who is coming to live with us soon. His sweet disposition, good manners, bright eyes and super-soft coat designed especially for snuggles are a most welcome addition to our household. He’s a senior already but we hope that he’ll have years ahead to be spoiled and pampered. Thank you, AGB, for pulling him from the shelter and getting him the medical care he needed. And a giant hug and thank you to his loving foster family.” Looks like this handsome fella has lots of attention in his future.

Original Adoption Post

Hello there, my name is Jethro and I’m walking into a new life with a grin on my face. I was a stray in a shelter and AGB came and got me and said I was an AGB pup now and my life was gonna change for the better. So here I am. The name Jethro is a Hebrew name meaning “abundance, overflowing, and excellence”. Well, I have an abundance of sweetness, a heart overflowing with love and am an excellent boy so it’s a good name for me. I’m a senior around 10 years old. I’m neutered and vaccinated, and had some dental work and extraction. I’m a handsome guy but underweight; currently weigh 38 pounds. I have some arthritic twinges and will need to be on some inexpensive meds to keep me pain free. I’m getting more used to it, but I’m not crazy about leashes or things going over my head so I draw the line at wearing hats, folks. My foster says I am a great companion; I like to hang out and watch TV, but I also like to go prancing around the yard. I like her other two dogs too, now that we have all warmed up to each other! For all that, I’m a very sweet guy with a loving heart who wants to spend the rest of my life with somebody special.

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