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September 22, 2021 – Jock and his sister Carmen ended up at a shelter when their owner became too ill to care for them anymore. Jock tried very hard to be brave so that Carmen wouldn’t worry or be sad, but it wasn’t easy. Jock and Carmen really needed to stay together. They are 7 years old and had always been together. The shelter folks called AGB and they promised to adopt Jock and Carmen as a pair. Then AGB sent the nicest couple of AGB volunteers to pick the dogs up and take them to Birmingham. Jock and Carmen went to the vet’s office and had a few things taken care of. And another nice family took them in as fosters for a while. (Thank you Cheryl!) Then one day, the same couple who brought Jock and Carmen to Birmingham came back! They had bought two harnesses, two beds, two of everything the dogs could want! After a little visit, they took Jock (now called Jake) and Carmen home with them. The first night in their new home, Jake and Carmen just stood by the people’s bed and looked at the nice man while he slept. They couldn’t believe how good it felt to be home with them and now Jake and Carmen are going to live with them forever!

Original Adoption Post

Hello, I’m Jock (on the right), a 7 year old boy weighing in at 79 bs. My sister Carmen and I ended up at a shelter when our owner became too ill to care for us anymore. I tried very hard to be brave so that Carmen wouldn’t worry or be sad, but I confess, I was afraid we would get split up. You see, not everyone wants two dogs, but we have always been together and we need to be together forever. The shelter folks knew that and that’s how we came to be at AGB. AGB promises to adopt us as a package deal, double the Goldens, double the fun! I am a sweet fella who loves people and other animals. Of course Carmen is my favorite, but I have much more love to give. I am healthy but my fur was really matted when I got here, so I will need to be shaved and spoiled with some medicated baths to get my skin and fur back into tip top shape. Then it can grow back better than ever! I am feeling much better already just knowing that soon, we will be matched with our loving, forever humans! Do you think that could be you? If so, what are you waiting for? Fill out that adoption application right away and make sure you write down that you want to meet Jock and Carmen! We hope to see you soon, Jock.

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