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April 9, 2021 – Journey says, “there’s no place like home” and what a journey he had to get there! He came to AGB in horrible shape with heart worms, orthopedic issues, and old injuries from his life without a home. His new parents and four legged brothers welcomed him with love and patience, and he is thriving. His brothers know that he can’t run and play like they can so they bring toys to him. Now that he is recuperating from his first surgery, they lie beside him to comfort him. His mom says, “we just absolutely love him and will never give up on him. He is family.” If only all dogs could have such a wonderful family! He will soon have his second, and final surgery, and be on his way to a new, pain free life!

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. After being a stray, I’ve started a new life as an AGB pup and I think I’ve just had a lucky break. They’ve named me Journey. I’m about two years old, give or take a year – who knows exactly. I weigh 55 pounds and I’ve had all my shots. I favor my right front leg a little and the AGB vets found some arthritic changes, but I’m now on a joint supplement which is making me feel so much better! The AGB person who transported me called me a “sweetie” and I have a patient and kind foster. I am affectionate, sweet, and good with other dogs and even a cat or two. I’ve had some hard knocks for a young boy but they tell me that “my luck has changed” and soon I’ll be somebody’s special boy and live in the house and have my own bed. I can hardly believe it. My journey is going to take me somewhere special and I’m ready to take that first step!

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