Little Buddy

January 24, 2024 – Little buddy is now sweet Dixie Rose and is living with AGB alumni, Ella.

Her new Mom shared the following: “Little buddy, now Dixie Rose is one of the Gilligan’s Island puppies. Her new family is thrilled to welcome Dixie into their life especially, 9 yr old, AGB Alumni, Ella! You see Ella’s best friend, a 16-year-old pup named Ozzie, passed away in August and Dixie has stepped in to share her joyful love with the whole family. Dixie is always smiling and happy, she’s very smart, and loves to wrestle, chase the cat, and get her belly rubbed. Ella is teaching her to walk on a leash and chase the ball. But Dixie’s favorite thing is snuggling up to nap with her new big sister.”

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