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March 9, 2021 – Lulu’s foster mom picked her up for what was to be a temporary situation. Lulu needed surgery on her right leg and would be with them for at least 6 weeks. What the family didn’t know was how much they would fall in love with her. As we like to say in rescue, this turned into a case of foster failure. Lulu is a lovable, headstrong, bossy girl and her mom says there is never a dull moment with her. She has now had a second surgery, on her left leg, and is getting along great. She loves being home with her mom and is even able to play chase now. Way to go Lulu.

Surgery Update

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DONATING FOR MY PATELLA SURGERIES! LULU UPDATE (FEB 24, 2021): Lulu’s 2nd surgery is done and she is doing well. Just needs some recovery time. LULU UPDATE (FEB 8, 2021): Sweet Lulu has an appointment in a couple of weeks to check her progress from her first surgery and schedule her next one. She’s doing very well and thanks everyone for their help! LULU UPDATE (NOV 23RD, 2020): Unfortunately, Lulu will need another Patellaa Stabilization surgery on her other leg. Poor little girl; she will have to go through this procedure after she recovers from the first one. LULU UPDATE (NOV 5TH, 2020): Poor little Lulu. While caring for this year old puppy, her fosters noticed a popping sound in her right leg and afterward she would not put weight on it. Her knee slides out of place. When this happened a couple of times, she was immediately taken to the vet. She also was evaluated by VSB who recommended ‘Patella Stabilization Surgery’. Little Lulu had the surgery on November 5th. She faces six weeks of strict confinement in a crate or a very small room. Many thanks to her fosters and we wish Lulu a speedy recovery and hope that only this one knee will be affected. This little girl deserves a wonderful, pain free life.

Original Adoption Post

Merriam-Webster defines Lulu as “one that is remarkable or wonderful”. Other sources say lulu is “an amazing girl”, “precious”, “pearl”. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, my name is Lulu so I’m hoping that you all will think I’m remarkable and wonderful and a precious pearl. I’m a 1 year old girl and I weigh 46 pounds. Still a puppy, I have lots of energy. I’m cute as a button with a sweet face. I’m house trained and I do understand some commands like “sit”, “shake”, “stay” and waiting on food. I like cats and dogs. Sometimes I can be a little timid before I get to know you but we’ll make fast friends quickly. Of course, I need to continue some puppy training so I don’t jump up and learn that toys are okay to mouth but not anything else. I’m spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and heart worm negative. I got surrendered because my former house didn’t have a fenced yard and they wanted me to live outside. Everybody decided that a new home was just the ticket since sweet, slight little girls like me need to live inside and have a fenced in yard. The vet looked me over and I am overall healthy with a great personality. I hope I will steal your heart and become your precious pearl. xox, Lulu

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