Woman and son sitting on fireplace with two white golden retrievers


October 4, 2020 – Eleven year old Maria came to AGB after her adoring family felt they could no longer give her the time and attention she needed. At the same time, a new applicant with a young son and a 5 year old golden wanted a dog of any age and with any health issue. A meeting was arranged and it was love at first sight for all. Her new mom says, ” She’s our forever family. She’s so sweet, loving, funny, smart. My husband loves her, our son loves her. Charlie loves her. He’s so happy to have puppy company. Charlie even slowed his pace to walk alongside of Maria. It was the sweetest thing. Charlie and our son are so gentle and patient with her. We all love her. She’s ours and we will love her, care for her, and help her live the best life. She’ll get walked multiple times per day. She’s wonderful. My entire family have scheduled visits to meet her.” Sweet Maria now has a brother to hold her paw. Could any dog be more loved?

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