Three dogs sitting/standing on front porch


April 7, 2022 – Little 35 pound, 15 month old Goldendoodle Millie 2 came to AGB because she was uncontrollable in her home with two young boys. After a much needed groom, spay and foster two long time AGB volunteers took her home but were worried about their other two senior dogs and the adjustment. Millie was “enthusiastic”, jumping all over people, knew no manners or commands, but it was obvious there was a big nugget of gold in her heart that just needed love and attention to shine. A training session was a great help and she is slowly learning to control herself. AGB Millie I was already in the family (next to sister Pepper, and winking at us in the center of the picture because SHE is really the boss of the baby who adores her), so her name has been changed to Indy because she runs like a race car. Her family appreciates the encouragement they received from AGB volunteers to take on a young dog after one of their sweet senior dogs “Coco” passed. They said “We look forward to seeing her splash in the ocean and bask in the sun, since she brought the Sunshine back into our lives.”

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