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Missy/Sadie Grace

August 4, 2020 – Beautiful 2 year old breeder dog Missy III arrived at AGB scared of her own shadow due to being ignored and having little human contact. She quickly went into foster and then adoption. Her new mom has this to say: “Sadie Grace is doing well – small steps each day!!! That is all we can ask for with her history – bless her heart – I am just floored at how people can mistreat animals without thinking twice about it!! She is taking everything in and her ears are perking up and she was wagging her tail this morning. She will take treats from my hand and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. The flinching is almost nonexistent any more and she will let me brush her even. I gave her a sponge bath – I feel a true bath would not be tolerated right now and I don’t want to lose her trust. We are still working on walking. I feel that is going to be a slow process as she is absolutely fearful of every noise and movement outside… I am so blessed to be able to have adopted her and am very thankful for you all and your organization.” Sadie Grace is blessed to have found such a kind, patient person. We can’t wait to hear about her progress!

Original Adoption Post

There was an old country song called “I’m so lonesome I could cry”; have you ever heard it? I’m Missy and I’ve been kind of lonesome all my life; scared and anxious too. I’m around 2 years old and my life has not been a picnic. Instead of being socialized when I was a young puppy girl, I was raised to breed other puppies. Other than that, my history is a mystery. I’ve been passed around a little bit and I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing yet. I need a calm and safe space and someone gentle to teach me how to be a beloved pup. The vet is taking care of my UTI and my allergies and some other stuff but, otherwise, I’m doing okay health wise. I’m heart worm negative, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. I weigh 44 pounds and have a beautiful cream colored coat. I am a very pretty girl. Someone told me “it’s okay to be scared – being scared means you’re about to do something brave”. So now that I’m rescued from my old life and now an AGB pup, I’m going to do something brave and take a chance on love.

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