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July 21, 2020 – Molly has been adopted and her family feels they have “really hit the goldmine with this little (chubby) sweetheart!” She is bringing sunshine and joy to their lives during this crazy time and, even while going through her heart worm treatment, she has been a true sport. Molly is also showing foster sister Missy how to be a “dog,” so she is a double duty big girl! No more living outside on a chain for this gal. Be good Miss Molly, and thank you for being a great AGB ambassador!

Original Adoption Post

Sweet golden girl in search of a loving and comfortable retirement home. Hello, folks, my name is Molly and I’m 10 years old. And for the past few years, I’ve been living outside, on a chain, and I am so ready to find a new home where I can live inside and enjoy all the comforts of a loving home I used to have. My poor owner couldn’t care for me anymore so I’ve been kind of neglected for a while, although I got fed well. I weigh 77 pounds. My white fur is all matted and there is dirt and salvia stains on my legs where I licked them because I’ve been lonely and stressed. I have an appointment with a beautician (groomer) and I’ll look as pretty as always afterwards with a glossy white coat. But in the meantime, I need some medical help. The vet says I have a few masses on my head and back that need attention, an ear infection, and probably will need to take some pain meds for a very mild stiff gait in my rear legs. But the worse part is I was diagnosed with heart worms a couple of years ago and nobody gave me the heart worm treatment. So, rats, I need to start that treatment now. I am vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Everybody comments that I am such a sweet girl with a wise, loving heart. I’m good with everyone. But I’m a social girl and I’d like to be around my people; I also heard that there’s this wonderful thing called air conditioning and that would be terrific in these hot summer months. So, is there room in your heart for a sweet, loving Golden Girl who’d love to be an inside girl; maybe with a comfy bed and a loving hand petting me? I can’t wait to meet you! Hugs, Molly

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