Older and little sister with golden retriever sitting in between them


April 6, 2021 – Could a dog be more relaxed in his new home than Newton? He is loving walks around his neighborhood, hikes with his family and he has loved meeting dogs in his new neighborhood. His new mom thanked AGB for sharing Newton with their family and said that her daughter said, “Mom, I don’t think things could be more perfect.” We are certain that Newton agrees!

Original Adoption Post

Ask yourself, how could any pup as cute as me be a stray? Look at my grin; am I not a handsome boy? My name is Newton and I’m 18 months old. I weigh 61 pounds. My recent travels have not been kind to me. I am heart worm positive and I picked up a cough in this cold weather. I have to be neutered. The vet doc put me on antibiotics, will do some chest x-rays soon to make sure my cough (and possible pneumonia) is all better and then I will be neutered and have my heart worm treatments. They’ll make sure I’m vaccinated and microchipped. Not much fun but I have so much to look forward to. First, I won’t be a stray anymore because AGB will find me a brand new, wonderful home! Second, I’ve heard that I’ll become a much loved family member, and, third, there will probably be toys and treats. What more could a guy ask for? I’m super sweet and affectionate. I like to ride in cars. I think 2021 is going to be a very fine year for me.

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