Olive & Rosebud

When the 12 “Master’s” puppies arrived at Adopt A Golden Birmingham, thanks to a transport team that brought all 12 plus their 2 mama’s from Demopolis,  we knew their absolute cuteness would get them adopted quickly. In one weekend we were able to get these puppies home thanks to amazing fosters who stepped in, a medical team that got them vetted right away, and the adoption team working hard to find the right applicants who have the time and patience to take care of a young puppy. Two pups even got lucky enough to stay together and go home with a family full of kids and lots of love!  

Olive and Rosebud’s (now Mary and Martha) mom said: “We recently adopted 2 puppies from AGB and they have been the greatest gift to our family. Mary and Martha are the sweetest, easiest, most loving, and gentle puppies ever. They are showered with so much love and attention and they receive it all with that Golden Retriever charm everyone loves! They have been so easy to train and have really loved having one another to play with and learn from.  

We originally planned on rescuing one Golden age 3-5. I’m not sure how we ended up with 2 of the Master’s puppies, but we have surely been blessed. The AGB family was so wonderful and easy to work with. They really love these fur babies and do an excellent job of helping families. Both our girls had the most loving and gentle foster homes and we are eternally grateful for all the love, care, and support AGB provided in blessing us with our girls!  Can’t wait to watch these girls grow.  Thank you, AGB!” 

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