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August 26, 2020 – Recon came to AGB after his owner died and he was subsequently turned into a shelter. He was a bit anxious at all the changes in his life, but went into foster which helped him to relax and show his sweet personality. The new owners are previous adopters and had been waiting for a second AGB dog for a while. When Recon came along, they decided it was time to make the long drive from Central Florida with the whole family. Recon, now called Buddy since he isn’t having to “scout” for his home anymore, is the perfect laid back counterpart to his sister’s more lively side. They can’t get over how well he has fit in and what a wonderful dog he is. We’re so happy for Buddy and his family! Enjoy the Sunshine State, Buddy!

Original Adoption Post

My name is Recon. Obviously, “Recon” is a shortened version of Reconnaissance – a military term defined as “the exploration of an area to gain information”. Well, I guess that sure is appropriate since I’m now ‘scouting’ for a new home for myself. I’m about 7 or 8 years old and was turned into a shelter along with a sibling dog when my owner died. I’ve suffered a lot of loss recently from my owner to my home to my sibling and I’ve been anxious and sad about it. There hasn’t been a lot of comfort for me while I’ve been grieving until now. AGB came and rescued me from the shelter and, after a medical evaluation at the vet, I’m now in a foster home and getting my bearings back. I’ve finished up my heart worm treatments and hope in the future I’m given that heart worm pill every month. I’m vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. I weigh 74 pounds. You can see I’m a good looking, cream colored boy. I am sweet and affectionate and I like other dogs. I hope someone will do a recon mission on me and see how fast my broken heart could be mended in a new safe and loving home.

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