Family of mom, dad, and three brothers sitting on a blue park bench with two golden retrievers


October 18, 2021 – Adopters note to AGB: “After the sudden loss our 2 large dogs, we found that there was an obvious void in our house and our hearts. While our plan was to only adopted one, the perfect pair came along and we welcomed Reign and Brie into our home and our hearts. We fell in love immediately after meeting them and from the moment they came home with us, it was like they had been there forever. They have both decided that they are into the jeep dog life, and enjoy playing with their 3 human brothers and going to work with their mom, who is a licensed vet tech.” Enjoy your happily ever after Brie & Reign! Special thanks to AGB volunteer Mike for fostering these two!

Original Adoption Post

Greetings friends! They call me Reign and I am a handsome 1 year old fella weighing in at about 67 lbs. Until recently, I was a wanderer, just running with my sister, Brie. A very nice couple took us in and made sure we were fed and cared for. Since they couldn’t find our owners and were not able to keep us themselves, they contacted AGB who took us in right away and promised to find a home for use where we can stay together. I am in pretty good shape, but did have a cut on my paw and my leg hurt. And of course I needed shots and other routine medical care and medicines for fleas, ticks and heartworm prevention. I get along well with all people and other dogs and I’m generally a happy go lucky kind of guy. If you are looking to adopt a boy and a girl to be your besties, make sure you submit an application and ask to see us!

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