Family of mom, dad, older brother, little sister, and a black golden retriever


January 2, 2020 – Rhett came to us from a shelter looking pretty rough and feeling pretty rough as well. He had flea dermatitis and was also heart worm positive so the poor fella was in bad shape. Never fear, AGB is here, and got him all fixed up in no time. He went into foster where he showed off his highly developed problem solving skills – how to get a laundry basket through a seemingly too small doggie door. He is now with a family learning that the cats DON”T want to play with him, thank you very much. So he is training with one of AGB’s behaviorists and slowly getting his manners down pat. It’s hard for a boy who acts age one to contain all that exuberance but he is determined to do it and make his family proud. Rhett is dark-haired and dashing now; an amazing transformation. Sweep those ladies off their fee, Rhett, and show them how smart you are!

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Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a darn or something like that! Actually, I do give a darn; I’m ready to find a new home! Hello, y’all, my name is Rhett. Yep, just like Rhett Butler, I am dark haired, dashing, and swoon worthy! A romantic hero, some say! AGB has taken care of my medical issues so I’m raring to go! My heart worms have been treated and I’ve spent my time growing back my beautiful, shiny black coat – with just a touch of white on the chest – after having some skin problems from when I was at the shelter. I am neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. I am a handsome boy. I’m four years old and 63 pounds of energy and sweetness. I have the stance of a show dog and I’ve got the big block head that drives the southern belles wild. Are you ready for a charming rogue in your life? I am ready for my new life with you.

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