Woman squatting and holding onto golden retriever next to her


November 14, 2020 – That soft, sweet face! How could anyone throw a dog like this out of a fast moving truck as witnessed by the Good Samaritans who stopped and rescued him? That bit of bad luck and cruelty lead him to AGB where we had a former adopter ready for a new, young boy to take on walks since her first alum dog had passed away after being nursed through years of cancer. Excited Mom picked him up from the shelter, transported him to our vet, waited for his neuter, and off to Florida he went to live happily ever after! The smiles are beaming and we are so happy for this sweet lady to have another companion on her adventures. Be a good Boy Scout.

Original Adoption Post

My name is Roary. Sounds like I am big and loud like a lion but I’m not. Actually, I’m a skinny fellow that’s had a bad time lately. I was rescued by a couple who saw me being thrown out of a truck. They took me to a shelter who contacted AGB. So here I am, a pup not quite 2 years old. The AGB vet made sure I was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. And, guess what, I got immediately taken in by my new family. I’m ADOPTION PENDING. Glory be, how wonderful! They say I’m sweet, affectionate and adorable and I can’t wait to prove to my new family that that is exactly true. My good life is just beginning!

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