At barely 5 months old little Sasha found herself at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Working with them and a rescue that fostered her for a bit, AGB was able to bring her in and she went straight to foster with AGB. Her new mom had been thinking about adopting a puppy. She was an empty nester, had recently lost her beloved Della,  and was about to retire from classroom teaching. She was looking for a little buddy to love and be loved by and along came the perfect girl, Sasha.  

When she saw her picture Sasha reminded her so much of her previous dog Della and, although she was looking at Golden Retriever puppies, Sasha (now Skye)  just could not be ignored. She reached out and the rest is history.  

Her mom’s story says it all: “Skye is my 2nd dog to adopt from AGB. Both dogs are not the typical golden but both are flat-coated retriever mixes.  That is what first caught my eye with both dogs. After losing my first dog, Della, I turned to AGB to help me find a new family member….and Skye was the perfect fit. I fell in love with her the first time Beth, her foster, brought her to meet me. Skye is all puppy! She is full of energy one minute and cuddling up on the couch with me the next. She loves her toys and will playfully toss them in the air. She enjoys going on walks and chasing beetles and frogs. Skye’s beautiful brown eyes will make you melt.  A huge thank you to Beth for helping to take care of Skye until I could get out of school. Beth and AGB will always hold a special place in my heart (Skye’s too)!”

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