Older couple with a white golden retriever


January 23, 2020 – Snowball came to AGB in need of medical care and starved for attention and is now living the life of a princess and rarely has a moment alone. Her new mom tells us ”Snowball is treasure. She has a wonderful sweet, smart, loving disposition. It’s a pleasure to live with her and care for her.” Enjoy your new life Snowball. You deserve to be spoiled!

Original Adoption Post

Hello, friends. I think I got a Christmas miracle. I’m a puppy girl of maybe one year old and they’ve named me Snowball. I was in a shelter, after being turned in from a neglect situation, and these folks from AGB came and gave me a freedom ride out of there. I almost rode in their lap because I was so happy to get attention and have somebody pet me and talk to me. I like cars though and rode well. They told me I was a very sweet girl and I am. I was super hungry when I got to my destination and, all of a sudden, I’m getting good square meals every day. I’m a very, very pretty girl that needs a few days at a spa and some time and attention on my fur and skin. I have an ear infection and a skin infection – flea allergy – which will clear up within a couple of weeks with antibiotics and medicated baths. Then my white fur coat will get glossy and lovely. I will get spayed and microchipped soon and, fortunately I’m heart worm negative and I’ve now gotten all my vaccinations. I weigh 56 pounds. So after my rough start in life, things are definitely looking up. If I got a family and home soon, I think I’d be out of my mind with happiness and joy. I would show them how sweet and affectionate I can be. It must be the snowball effect; things just keep getting better and better for a little girl like me! Hugs and hopeful wishes from Snowball.

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