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September 2, 2021 – Stevie, now Murphy, has joined the most wonderful family in south Florida. To celebrate his new dad’s birthday, this couple made their fourth trek to Birmingham to adopt an AGB dog. Murphy now has alums Peanut (granddog) and Caddy to run and play with in his fabulous yard. (Sadly, alum Tuna/Jaxson adopted August of 2020 passed suddenly last year.) His mom says, “Murphy has settled in so well that it seems like he was always part of our family. He is a very social boy, and in his first week with us took part in 2 family birthday parties. (He was the center of attention). He loves to run and play in the backyard with his new brother, AGB alumni Caddy. Murphy likes to play with all his new toys and is fascinated by our cats. His favorite activity is watching TV on the couch every evening with us. Murphy is a wonderful addition to our family.” We at AGB are very thankful for these amazing adopters who drove 22 hours four times to adopt from us!

Original Adoption Post

Hi ya’ folks! I’m Stevie, a fun loving, affectionate, super sweet boy. I’m about 2 years old and weigh 49 lbs. I was found stray and cared for by some nice folks until they arranged for AGB to take me in and work on finding my forever family. I’m pretty excited about that! And also about the other dogs and cats I’ve met at the Vet. Especially the cats! I just love ‘em and they love me back! To be a stray, I’m in pretty good shape. They found I had ringworm and some hookworms, but luckily no heartworms! I’m already being treated and feeling much better. They’re giving me all the other shots and stuff I need to be a healthy, happy dog. I am also what they call “cryporchid”, which is a little embarrassing. It means one of my testicles has not descended and I need a special neuter surgery, but AGB says their doctors are the best and can handle it with no problem. I am good in the car and like to ride, so if you’re looking for someone to ride shot gun on your road trips, or even just for errands around town, I’m your boy! I would be happy hanging out with you at home too. I just want someone I can love who will love me back. What do you say? Ready to make a love connection? Time’s a wastin’ so fill out that adoption application thingy and make sure you tell them you want to meet Stevie!

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