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February 16, 2023 – Some dogs choose their families, and Sugarpie (now Maggie) did just that at a Meet and Greet at Hollywood Feed. Her new mom’s words are the sweetest. “When we lost our Marley, it was one of the harder things we’d had to go through as a couple. Our son was three at the time and it was an easy and helpful distraction to have to move forward with life. We would talk about Marley and how he always lived in our hearts and how great he was. As we expanded our family by one, so came the questions about adding a dog to the family. I knew I still wasn’t ready. There was never going to be another Marley; but then there was a Maggie. As soon as I saw her, I could sense that she was ours. She just grabbed my heart. I called Matt and told him we found the one. She fits seamlessly into our family; like she’s always been here with us. We don’t know a lot about her story, but we’re thrilled to be with her for the rest of it. We cannot say enough wonderful things about AGB for rescuing and fostering her, working with us from the beginning to make sure it was indeed a fit. It has been a great experience and we couldn’t be happier to have found our Maggie through AGB.” Thanks to the Hammonds and Tim for fostering.

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Hi there everybody! My name is Sugar Pie and I am a 4 year old, 60 lb girl. I ended up in a shelter and the folks there found out I have something called heartworms. They knew that I would need special treatment and a calm home to recover in while I get well. They reached out to AGB who agreed to take me in. I am a sweet girl who has had a rough time of things lately. All I really want is to get healthy and find a family who will love me and let me love them back forever. Could that be you? If you want to adopt a lovely red headed lady to be your best friend forever, submit an adoption application and tell AGB you want to meet the girl who is sweet as pie! Also, if you can make a donation to help pay for my medical care, I would sure appreciate it Just click “more” to see how much I need and make a contribution. Thanks so much!

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