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May 21, 2021 – Sweet and affectionate Tabitha was found roaming around a neighborhood looking for food and shelter and was brought to AGB. She is now called Shelby and her new mom says, “She is such a happy dog! She loves playing with her new sister Beatrice and Beatrice is much happier now that Shelby is with her.” Her mom said that Shelby was not fond of her kibble so she started her on a raw diet which she loves! She even dances around until her mom puts her bowl down. Shelby’s mom says they are blessed to have her!

Original Adoption Post

“There’s a new kid in town……You look in her eyes, the music begins to play, hopeless romantics, here we go again” (Eagles). Hello, I am the new ‘girl’ in town – the first girl orphan of 2021. My name is Tabitha. I’m kind of shy but I warm up quickly. I’m about two years old – maybe a little younger – and I weigh 49 pounds. I was lost and roaming around a neighborhood looking for some food, shelter, and a friendly face. And a very nice person put me in their car and took me to the shelter. Nobody came for me. Then somebody else came to the shelter and drove me all the way to Birmingham; they called it a “freedom ride”. I haven’t been in cars a lot; it kind of made me nervous but I relaxed after a while. But I’m a happy girl; I’m an AGB pup now. I’ve been told that there are lots of folks who have applied to AGB looking for a little girl just like me to call their own. I’m in good health, I got spayed and chipped and vaccinated. I’m very sweet and affectionate and I’m quite pretty too! So maybe the next time you hear from me, I’ll be in a new home and we’ll all be ‘hopeful’ romantics!

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