Tammy and George

April 11, 2024 – Tammy and George have had quite a journey the past few months. They came in as strays in Kentucky, made their way to Nashville, then on to Birmingham. Like their namesakes, they have toured the South and wound up back home in Tennessee. This lucky pair came in together and we were able to find wonderful adopters who wanted them both! They have landed in a fabulous home with a mom and dad who love them so much.  

Their new mom says: “Tammy (now Winnie) and George are doing well. We love them so much. Winnie is so smart and as happy as can be. George is so sweet and somewhat tentative and unsure but with some positive encouragement, he does well too. They have both adjusted to the new environment. I am really amazed at how adaptable they are. They are already learning to walk well on the leash. They are precious pups. They love our neighborhood dog park. They are wonderful new family members and have adjusted so well. We are blessed and thankful.”  

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