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August 28, 2020 -Cutie-pie Teak has found his forever home with his foster mom after recuperating from heart worms and also from very painful arthritis throughout his body that prevented him from being able to walk without limping or go up or down more than a few stair steps at a time. Thanks to the great medical treatment Teak received as an AGB foster, trotting around the yard and going up and down a full flight of stairs – bunny hop style – are now two of his favorite activities. “I’m so grateful to whoever coaxed a scared, abandoned Teak into their car and then brought him to Adopt a Golden Birmingham,” said his new adoptive mom. “Teak has been through a lot. But that is all in his past now. He is living the good life and showing off his musical talent by singing his little heart out – whenever and wherever he wants. (When he wants me to pet him and while I’m doing it, he sort of sings and bites my hand (but not hard) at the same time. It’s pretty cute. If I pull my hand away, he really turns up the volume.) I’m so glad to have him as a member of my family.” Congratulations to Teak and his new adoptive mom, and best wishes for many happy years together!

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“It’s a hard knock life!” Well, hello there. Here I am, a boy of six years old and I’ve had some problems that are now taken care of. I should be safe at my old home getting treats and loving there but instead I was let loose and found wandering around town. I’m really lucky though. A nice person saw me wandering and persistently coaxed me to come to her with treats and loving. Boy, I’m sure am glad I took that chance. She called AGB and told them she found a golden with a good temperament and now I’m an AGB orphan in a very nice foster home. They’re taking care of me and boy, did I need it. I’ve been treated for heart worms and I used to limp and favor my left side, but I’ve been on meds that are really helping me. I’m neutered, microchipped, and I’ve gotten my vaccinations. I’m bright and alert with beautiful big eyes and my fur is a nice shade of gold. I’m not too big at 40 pounds. Now that my wandering days are over and my medical stuff is taken care of, I’ve been promised I’ll get a new home where there will be treats and loving aplenty!

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