January 18, 2024 – On December 17, 2023, Adopt A Golden was privileged to be a part of the adoption of 14 puppies-now known as the Gilligan’s Island puppies. These puppies had a really tough start. They were found with their mama under a canoe in Arkansas. After a lot of hard work by the volunteers of AGB, they made their way to Birmingham and into an amazing foster home. The foster and her family took on loving and nurturing these 14 puppies along with their sweet mama. Thanks to them and all the teams at AGB, all 14 puppies and their mama are in their forever home and thriving.  

Thurston (now Finn) was adopted by a family from Florida who drove to Birmingham on the morning of December 17 to pick him up. The parents were somehow able to keep the reason for the trip a surprise for their kids until they got to the foster’s home.  They were the first to arrive and quickly picked out little Thurston, whom they renamed Finn. After they got home little Finn quickly became a part of the family and the neighborhood they live in. He has a 4 legged best friend who lives next door and a couple of 2 legged best friends/siblings who keep him busy. He loves playing in the water (the sprinklers came on and he had a blast), naps, hanging with his friends and family, and going on many adventures. He is definitely home. Thank you to the adopters for taking in this sweet little boy and making him part of their family. 

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