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March 9, 2020 – Winston is loving his life at home with his new dad who is thrilled to have him for a buddy. Winston came to AGB after he was taken to a shelter because his neighbors complained that he roamed into their yards. No worries about that now! He is always by Dad’s side and enjoys daily walks and naps in his new bed. His dad is working to get him to a healthy weight and is loving every minute with this good boy.

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“I’m a travelin’ man and I’ve made a lot of stops all over the” … neighborhood. Almost exactly like Ricky Nelson sang it. Hello, folks, I’m Winston. I’ve traveled a lot in the last week. My owner’s neighbors complained about me roaming into their yards so I got taken to a shelter in northern Alabama. And, right away, somebody came and drove me to Birmingham and now I’m an AGB pup. Let’s face it, folks, if a gentle giant like me doesn’t have a fence or isn’t on leash or isn’t being watched, then I’m going to go roaming. I like people a lot and I’m nosy. I’m a sweet and loving red haired boy of five and I weigh 113 pounds. A big handsome boy! I’m hoping I get adopted by somebody with a fence so I don’t get into trouble again and can relax that I will be in my forever home. I’m heart worm negative, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. The vet says I have a stick stuck between my teeth on the roof of my mouth so I’m going to have to be sedated while they remove that. And I have an ear infection that they’re already taking care of. I ride quietly in the car and overall am mild and submissive. I really like other dogs. My leash walking could use some work mainly because I was free roaming but we could work on that together. This big red dog would like to end my traveling and go home for good.

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