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January 4, 2020 – Medium Golden Zoe, at 39 pounds and precious, came to us after her owner died. She had a terrible case of heart worms. She had to be on medicine for weeks to get her strong enough and ready for the heart worm shots, and she started the slow-kill method early December. She is glad to finally be on the road to recovery. Zoe was fostered but she was so glad to meet her new adopters she jumped right up on teary eyed Mom, then Dad, then smiled her best smile at the camera and said “take my picture! I want to go home with them!”. In no time, they were madly in love with her. When asked if they needed any more time before finalizing the adoption, Mom said “You’d have to hunt me down and find me to ever get her back! We love her to pieces!” Well, I guess that’s a good answer! We can’t wait to hear updated reports in early February when she can FINALLY start being a dog again and enjoying things all doggies like to do. Soak up the love Zoe, and send good news soon!

Original Adoption Post

Snoopy of Peanuts fame says “Keep looking up…that’s the secret of life”. My name is Zoe which means “life” so maybe this quote applies to me. And I am really trying to look up all the time but sometimes it’s hard. I’ve been a little heartbroken and nervous about what’s going on in my life. You see, my owner passed away and I got turned into a shelter. As a result, I also have a few medical problems that need to be addressed because I’ve also been a little neglected. I’m a six year old beautiful Golden girl. I weigh only 39 pounds so you can see I’ve been grieving. I’m also heart worm positive and need to be treated, I’m taking medicine for a cough and my infected ears and I’m being sent to a cardiologist to get thoroughly checked out. A few hurdles to get over before I can start looking up. And I am so ready to look up and see a bright new future with a family that will open their arms to me and let me love again. I am a very loving girl. I will climb into your lap for hugs and kisses. And I think the real secret of life is to love and be loved in return. Perhaps we could find the secret of life together. Please ask about me, Zoe III.

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